Dear Members, Esteemed Colleagues;

        We have held our 24th Elective Ordinary General Assembly on 14-15 May 2022 at a level and maturity befitting our Sivas Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Professional Members.

We believe that these elections are a relay race. The honor and responsibility of carrying this flag is with us today. I would like to thank and express my gratitude to all of our colleagues who have given us this honor and responsibility by participating in our General Assembly and elections and by showing their democratic and free will.

           Our journey, which started 33 years ago as Sivas SMMM Chamber, continues at full speed. Today, while we are experiencing the joy of being able to realize the dreams that were established years ago, "We still have a lot of work to do." he says, while setting new targets in front of us; We feel great excitement, just like many years ago, by drawing strength from the past.

            Now our responsibility is much greater, much greater than before. We believe that we will be successful when we trust each other and work shoulder to shoulder, and if we do not leave the truth. Without compromising our main principles of equality, transparency, honesty and justice, we will continue to walk, question and change by working harder without personalizing the events we encounter.

            Persons and titles come and go in institutions. The most important thing is that those institutions are sustainable. We believe that we will easily reach the goals we have set with our exciting, dynamic, hardworking, experienced and principled young staff that we have created in this new period, with our devoted efforts and your support. We will protect our profession and our future together. Your valuable contributions and suggestions to our work, which will be carried out within a management understanding fed by a common mind, will shed light on our profession, us and our future, and will illuminate our path.

           With these feelings and thoughts, we commemorate with respect and mercy all our Colleagues, who we have sent off to eternity, and we would like to thank our past Chamber Presidents who contributed to the success of our Chamber, and all our colleagues who served on our chamber's committees in the past. I wish good luck to our entire community.

            Love and respect